The California Desert is Under Attack.

The California desert is home to unique historical, ecological, cultural, educational, scientific, and recreational values enjoyed by millions of Americans. However, the California Desert is under attack from a harmful water grab by Cadiz, Inc. and the Trump Administration. AB 1000 by Assemblymember Friedman would put protections in place to ensure the future of the desert.  

Senator Feinstein and Assemblymember Friedman have been champions for the California Desert and the fight against Cadiz. Learn more about Senator Feinstein and Assemblymember Friedman's leadership here

“In light of recent rollbacks of federal protections for public lands, and reviews of national monument designations, including Mojave Trails and Sand to Snow in the California desert, state protections for the desert are needed more than ever. AB 1000 would require designated state agencies to ensure there would be no adverse impacts to the desert’s most vital resource—water.”
— California Senator Dianne Feinstein
“AB 1000 prohibits underground water transfers from a desert groundwater basin in the vicinity of federal or state protected lands unless the California State Lands Commission, in consultation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife certifies that the transfer will not adversely affect natural or cultural resources, including underground water, tribal interests, or wildlife habitat.
This bill is good policy. It is also basic common sense.”
— California Governor Jerry Brown
“At a time when the Trump Administration is threatening to roll back environmental protections, and the future of our nation’s National Monuments- including Mojave Trails National Monument- are under threat, the proposed Cadiz project to pump Mojave Desert groundwater merits additional scrutiny...I would welcome the passage of AB 1000.”
— California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom


Trump: Draining the Desert, Filling the Swamp. Learn how the Trump administration is threatening the California desert.

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Protect the Mojave Desert. Call your Legislators to let them know you support AB 1000, and that they should too.

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 Thank you to  The   Wildlands Conservancy  for use of their video footage of the Mojave Desert. 

Thank you to The Wildlands Conservancy for use of their video footage of the Mojave Desert.